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1405 West Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL, 60613
United States


Southern France Patisserie is located in Chicago, Illinois, offering French-style pastries served with Southern hospitality




Chef Amanda's true love... CHOCOLATE!

Every two months (give or take), Chef Amanda creates a new and exciting bonbon box, filled with three flavors to wow the senses. Chocolate is the medium that really lets Amanda's creativity shine. We hope you check back each time there is a new box available. There is always something to make your taste buds scream with delight!

Valentine’s Day Bonbon box: $25 for 12 pieces

Strawberries and Champagne: white chocolate ganache with strawberries and real Champagne, in a white chocolate shell

Old Fashioned: milk chocolate ganache with Kentucky Bourbon, orange zest, and Luxardo cherries, in a milk chocolate shell

Raspberry Rose: white chocolate ganache with raspberries and rose water, in a dark chocolate shell

Champagne Truffles: $19 for 9 pieces

 An intense, creamy dark chocolate ganache, made with real Champagne. A decadent treat!